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We Can Handle Floor to Ceiling Basement Renovations in Edmonton

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Are you looking to finally address that unfinished basement? Or maybe you have a basement in serious need of an update. Canadian Home Renovations can guide you through all the possibilities a finished basement has to offer. From appealing income suites to home offices, game rooms, storage solutions and more, we’ll help you make the most of your space. From appealing income suites to home offices, game rooms, storage solutions and more.

We can renovate and finish your basement in Edmonton with our services:

Drywall Installation: We have the experience to make sure that no matter how customized or labor intense the job is every piece of drywall blends in with the rest and has a smooth finish.
Painting: Not only can we do your typical paint job, but specialty painting as well. Ceilings, walls, baseboards, moldings, and more are all primed and painted to perfection.
Flooring: With humidity and climate control in mind, we not only have a fine selection of floor to offer, our experts install it and ensure it's built to last.
Plumbing: If your home doesn’t have much plumbing downstairs, we can extend your system for a new kitchen or bathroom, and install any piece of equipment along with it.
Electrical: There is no type of light we can’t install, and extending your electrical system for more functionality is a service we are proud to offer.
Tile Setting: We set tiles, whether it is for a new bathroom shower, or a new kitchen floor. Both rooms being places you will spend so much time in, we install with this in mind, and pay attention to every detail.

We’ll help you make the most of your space. Our team can handle floor to ceiling basement renovations, providing quality workmanship and friendly service from start to finish. Ready to make your project come to life, or still debating what or how? We can help you feel confident when it comes to all the right specifications for your house while maintaining all the beauty and functionality you are looking for.

Give us a call and share them with us! We’re happy to help your ideas to life.

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